Introducing Aurora Series nano-capillary columns

Lightning-fast peaks.

A combination of our nanoZero® UHPLC fitting and packed emitter tip results in zero pre-column and post-column dead volume; leading to lightning-fast peak shapes and maximum separation of samples.

FWHM (seconds) boxplot from 200ng Hela tryptic digest using different gradient and column lengths. White line indicates median time.

Get more IDs from your sample.

Aurora series columns consistently deliver 20-25% more identifications compared to longer columns from competitors. Increase your IDs while reducing your load and equilibration times!

Results from a 1µg Hela cell tryptic digest using IonOpticks’ Aurora series columns featuring an integrated emitter tip (25cm X 75µm) compared to currently available commercial columns either with or without an integrated emitter tip (50cm X 75µm). Samples were run on a Thermo Q-Exactive Plus.

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