High-performance packed emitter columns.

Innovative next-generation nano UHPLC columns that radically improve separation efficiency and sensitivity of mass spectrometry sample analysis.


Plug and play nanoZero technology.


Our unique fittings make high pressure connections a breeze.


No waste.

Load less sample and still obtain better results than any other commercial solution.



Our manufacturing technique produces consistently high-performing columns and generates deep sample analysis, time and time again.



Every time.

Our consistently reproducible technique provides confidence in a reliable product, every time.

Aurora columns are supplied pre-packed with our high-resolution solid phase packing material ready for use, and compatible with a wide range of ion source configurations, including the Bruker CaptiveSpray source.

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What our customers think.

We have recently started to use the Aurora columns and they significantly outperform any other columns that we have ever used for nano-LC-MSMS, by providing much higher peptide coverage in proteomics and phosphoproteomics.

Martin R. Larsen, PhD

Protein Research Group, University of Southern Denmark,

Odense, Denmark


Aurora Series

Next generation plug and play UHPLC columns for superior LC-MS results.

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